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Bike Repair

Tune-Up Level 1


  • Adjust Front & Rear Shifting - To shift as best as possible.
  • Adjust Front & Rear Brakes.
  • Realign Brake Pads.
  • Lube chain.
  • Inflate tires.

Tune-Up Level 2


  • Level 1 Tune-Up Plus
  • Adjust/Tighten Hubs, Headset & Bottom Bracket
  • True Front & Rear Wheels Laterally
  • Check for loose nuts and bolts

Performance Plus

Service Special


  • Tune-Up Level 2 Plus
  • Repack & Grease all bearings on Hubs, Headset, & Bottom Bracket
  • Pricing surchage for integrated handlebars and internally routed cables


Service Special


  • Disassemble down to the bare frame.
  • Frame detail, wax & polish.
  • Ultrasonically clean drivetrain
  • Repack & Grease all bearings in Hubs, Headset, & Bottom Bracket
  • Replace cables and housing, flush and bleed hydraulic brake lines.
  • Parts and materials not included.
  • integrated handlebars and internally run cables subject to price surcharge.

Ala Carte Services

Flat Tire Repair$12.00Diagnose cause of flat and installation of new tube. Does not include the cost of a new tube.
Drivetrain Cleaning$49.99This can be added to either the minor, major or performance package for just $39.99. Removal and degreasing of drivetrain and reinstallation.
Brake Adjustment (each)$15.00Realignment of brake pads Adjustment of cable
Derailleur Adjustment (each)$15.00Adjustment of front or rear shifting system To shift as best as possible.
Headset Overhaul$30.00Regreasing and repacking of bearings Replacement of bearing if necessary
Wheel Truing (per wheel)$15 - 24.00Spoke replacement price varies depending on spoke type and colour, from $1.00 and up
Hub Overhaul (per wheel)$30.00Regreasing and repacking of bearings Replacement of bearing if necessary
Wheel Rebuild$65.00
Box Bike$25.00Packing bike for travel or shipping